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Soft Table-Mat (Garter Stitch):Beginner Knitting Free Pattern

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here for details. What is Garter Stitch? Garter stitch is ...
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Blue Diamond Table Cloth – Free Crochet Pattern

Recently I discovered crochet filet diamond stitch on Pinterest. There are so many types of diamond stitch made by crochet ...
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How To Make A Tassel For A Crochet Project

At last you have finished your beautiful crochet or knitting project. Have you ever consider to make a tassels on ...
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Crochet Ripple: Inspirasi Si Comel Pink Robin

Inspirasi Untuk projek mengait corak ripple yang sangat simple, kali ini saya memilih tema Pink Robin. Pink Robin ialah sejenis ...
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6 Jenis Crochet Ripple Yang Popular

Crochet corak ripple atau dikenali juga sebagai chevron crochet merupakan satu jenis projek mengait yang ringkas, mudah dan klasik. Motifnya ...
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Crochet Table Cloth Fair & Square Love

I made this crochet table cloth, sometimes in April this year, and finished it on the 1st of May. I ...
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Crochet Blanket V-Stitch Rainbow Color

Hello everyone, see you again in my another crochet story and pattern to share here! 🙂 As you can see, ...
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Crochet Shawl Damai – Free Pattern

This Crochet "Damai" is a great crochet and quick to make. I adapted 3 types of pattern and created it ...
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Ketahui Seni Mengait dan Kebaikan Mempelajarinya

Mengait atau lebih dikenali sebagai crochet dan knitting merupakan salah satu seni kemahiran yang menyeronokkan. Ia bukan semata-mata untuk menjadi ...
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