Monthly Archive: March 2021


Celebrate Life’s Beauty with Renata Shawl

Hello there! I am back with another story of my crochet journey which I wanted to share with you here. This is actually not a new crochet pattern of mine, instead this is a crochet shawl pattern designed by Jane Vanselous. It is called Renata Shawl. I really love making this shawl which I enjoyed so much. The pattern looks simple, but not too simple. It’s so gorgeous, especially if you crochet this shawl with a very suitable yarn. Renata shawl is a rectangle shawl pattern, and it surprised me until I noticed it is a quite long shawl especially...


Crochet Blanket Designed by Janie Crow

Hello everyone. Here I want to load the story of crocheting a blanket which I started at the end of the year 2018 and completed at the end of 2019. Of course, you all remember what happened at the end of 2019 at that time. The story begins in Wuhan, China. Sadly it is indescribable because one world has experienced such a situation. Yet I don’t want to share a story about Wuhan but want to convey how much fun it feels to be able to complete a large crochet project, colorful yarns with different types of “stitches” used. This...