Monthly Archive: October 2021


Table Cloth Crochet: Blue Diamond Filet

Recently I discovered crochet filet diamond stitch on Pinterest. There are so many types of diamond stitch made by crochet designers with amazing pattern and style making. I love diamond pattern and intend to create something a bit different with it. I wanted to make this pattern more detail and easy to understand, especially for the beginners. This is what I did, my pattern – Blue Diamond Table Cloth. It is easy to make and for sure a beginner-friendly stitch. Most of the pattern uses double crochet and chain for the main project, while for the border section, I use...


How To Make A Tassel

At last, you have finished your beautiful crochet or knitting project. Have you ever considered making tassels on the border? So what is it to be and how to make the cute tassel? If you decide to make one, you can see my finished crochet project here. I have made it with tassels which I have planned long ago before I started to design this kind of pattern. If you would like to make this table cloth, you may see my post here, FREE written instructions. It’s a bit hard to make but it’s very easy and fast. However, if...


Crochet Ripple: Inspired by Pink Robin

Designed Inspiration For a very simple ripple pattern knitting project, this time I chose the Pink Robin theme. Pink Robin is a kind of small bird that is active, agile, attractive and round in shape (really cute, right). Most of these bird species can only be found on the islands of Tasmania, the King and Flinders Islands, Victoria and even southeastern New South Wales. Pink Robin’s favourite habitat is the temperate forest, which is low-lying and subtropical. Their main breeding area must be in moist conditions. Moss thrives in damp places and Pink Robin needs it to make a nest...