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Crochet Book Cover

Although I enjoy reading, sometimes I don’t read a lot of physical books, even for a day. I have a calendar just for encouraging me with reading a few pages a day. Every time I look at my books on the shelf, at the same time I’m talking to myself that I’ll buy more books. This means that I must find a way to keep my books tidier, clean and elegant. I love all of my books. And so this crochet book cover idea came out ~ Best Wishes Book Cover. As a matter of fact, crochet book covers are...


Journey Tote Bag

Have you ever gone through life for something you feel excited to make at first? Then in the middle of a situation, you suddenly changed your plan to another thing which is more exciting. This is what we called as unpredictable moments in life. The best way to deal with life is to acknowledge unpredictable things can happen in life, that surprises are a part of our journey in life. Sometimes we allow life to lead us. No matter how well we make our plan for something we want, there will be the unexpected moment. I do not know about...

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10 Valentine’s Day Creative Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. For some people, they would find it an easy way to plan an exciting and unique gift to give to their lovers, family and friends. They even may not struggle to organize a memorable Valentine’s Day especially with someone who they first time date with. How about those who do not know about anything to give and organize something special on that day. There is the pressure when you started to think your partner is expecting something special. Maybe you have some ideas, but you are not sure which one is the best. Ideas...