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7 Steps To Solve Crochet “WIP” Projects

Have you got several crochets projects WIP (work in progress) left abandoned in your house? All halfway to complete with different steps because suddenly something comes up in your mind. You pick up another yarn and hook to start something else. Just remember when was the last time you did some craft projects, for example, a crochet blanket that you should have been finished as a gift for your family or friends. WIP is one of those harder things. We tend to delay our work over a long period. Even though you are the most well-organized person you also may...

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What’s on my reading list for 2022

Dear book lovers! Every year there are so many new books (fiction and non-fictions) are published and read by millions of people, but most of my lifetime reading, I prefer to read book that recommended by avid readers around the world. For classics and children’s books, I began to be their fan a few years after downloading some of the online reading apps from Google Play Store. With so many book titles, it’s kind of hard to choose and sometimes you don’t know which ones you want to start reading. I bought so many books from Shopee such as Big...

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14 Ways to Create a Passion for Reading

March always makes me think there is gonna be more days as February has fewer days. To me, there’s nothing different between two months. Time passes so quickly and I always feel like I’m not reading enough every month. The year 2022 is almost complete in the quarter of the year. The few things I did was reading and crafting like crochet and knitting. The only thing I realized was that I challenged myself to read more books in 2021 compared to the year before! (I challenged myself to read 4 books in 2021 plus 1 book which I expect...