Welcome to Calls For Stitch!

This is all about my creativities, ideas, yarns, crochet, knit, patterns and other things that related to craft world. Besides, you also will see my posts about regular things happen around such as beautiful places with some nature present, anywhere and everywhere. So basically my blog is not about for one niche, but a little bit different. The languages I use will be in two types: English and Malay. But that’s okay, you can translate it with Google Translation 🙂

Behind “Calls For Stitch” is a working woman and mother. I love crochet, reading books and animals especially cats. Reading books helping me to find some inspiration. I started to learn crochet when I was 11 years old. I learned it from my mom and she inspired me a lot, even though she is left handed. I haven’t crocheted for many years while I got distracted with my studies and career, working, traveling and having my child.

A few years later, after inspired by some lovely crochet blogs and Instagram, so I picked up my hook and began crocheting again. It was a relaxing therapy as it quieted my “noisy” brain and allowed me to make beautiful things.

Recently I just started learning knitting. I never thought to learn it before, because I am more to crocheting. Last year I did try once, but I couldn’t get it. Until then (early September 2021), I have tried again, and I succeed to knit the very basic stitch, Knit 1. I feel it an amazing experience. Thanks to the Youtubers out there 🙂 . Both crochet and knitting are wonderful craft to learn. It is my great pleasure sharing with you what I have learned through my very simple and humble website.

Thank you for reading along! 😉

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