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  • How To Crochet A Solomon’s Knot

    Do you love to crochet something that more lace for your next project such as shawl? Learn how to make the stitch that I used to make when I was a kid. It is called Solomon’s Knot. Lately I’ve been thinking about my childhood memories. Childhood is one of the most important periods in a […]

  • Asha Knitted Hat: Free Knit Pattern

    Other than a headband (for example), hats are perfect for when you want to knit something in a short amount of time. This hat was designed to be simple so you can knit while you are talking with friends or watching a favorite show! It was made with ribbing pattern and basic stockinette. You can […]

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    Begonia Headband: Double Stockinette Stitch (#FreeKnitPattern)

    If you know how to knit or crochet, the first thing you will have in mind is how to D.I.Y something as a gift to your family, friends or for others who might you care for (for example the homeless shelter, elderly care). There are many things for everyone on special occasions, but if you […]

  • Azalea Twisted Headband: Free Knitting Pattern

    Some of you will have noticed that recently I started to share with you about my knitting projects. Knitting is quite new world for me, but I would love to try some new experience with those who are beginner knitter just like me. Besides, I also want to introduce more people to knitting, making knit […]

  • Mini Tote Bag: Free Knitting Pattern

    This Garter Stitch Mini Tote Bag is super fun to make. You can make any size you would like to by increasing the number of stitches. If you are a beginner knitter, this is a great project design for you because it only made up with garter stitch for the whole project and slip stitch […]

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    Soft Table-Mat (Garter Stitch):Beginner Knitting Free Pattern

    This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here for details. What is Garter Stitch? Garter stitch is the first pattern when you learn how to knit. This kind of pattern is knitting every stitch in every row. The knit stitch is a technique, while garter stitch is a pattern. Its pattern looks […]

  • Blue Diamond Table Cloth – Free Crochet Pattern

    Recently I discovered crochet filet diamond stitch on Pinterest. There are so many types of diamond stitch made by crochet designers with amazing pattern and style making. I love diamond pattern and intend to create something a bit different with it. I wanted to make this pattern more detail and easy to understand, especially for […]

  • How To Make A Tassel For A Crochet Project

    At last you have finished your beautiful crochet or knitting project. Have you ever consider to make a tassels on the border? So what is it to be and how to make the cute tassel? If you decide to making one, you can see my finished crochet project below here. It is called BLUE DIAMOND […]

  • Crochet Ripple: Inspirasi Si Comel Pink Robin

    Inspirasi Untuk projek mengait corak ripple yang sangat simple, kali ini saya memilih tema Pink Robin. Pink Robin ialah sejenis burung kecil yang aktif, lincah, menarik dan bentuk membulat (memang comellah, kan). Kebanyakan spesis burung ini hanya boleh didapati di pulau Tasmania, Kepulauan King dan Flinders, Victoria dan juga tenggara New South Wales. Habitat yang […]

  • 6 Jenis Crochet Ripple Yang Popular

    Crochet corak ripple atau dikenali juga sebagai chevron crochet merupakan satu jenis projek mengait yang ringkas, mudah dan klasik. Motifnya yang dikatakan klasik itu menjadi ikon dari semasa ke semasa dan tidak mudah lekang oleh zaman. Pengubahan warna dan jalur ripple yang sentiasa diperbaharui itu telah berjaya menghasilkan pelbagai corak yang menarik. Cara mengaitnya hanya […]