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Dear book lovers!

Every year there are so many new books (fiction and non-fictions) are published and read by millions of people, but most of my lifetime reading, I prefer to read book that recommended by avid readers around the world. For classics and children’s books, I began to be their fan a few years after downloading some of the online reading apps from Google Play Store. With so many book titles, it’s kind of hard to choose and sometimes you don’t know which ones you want to start reading.

I bought so many books from Shopee such as Big Bad Wolf, BookXcess, MPH Online and Popular Online in previous years and added a few dozen to my bookshelves. Then I realized the stacks of my unread books more than I could read a year. There is a Japanese term for those who love to have a stack of books but not yet read, called ‘tsundoku’. To me, it’s okay to have a mini library in your own home. It’s kind of a symbolic representation of our mind being a reader. 😉

Anyway, I no longer want to be this tsundoku. Thus, I started being an active reader recently with at least 3 books on my Goodreads “currently reading”. I’ve considered these 3 books the best books of all time as they’ve made the bestseller list and have been recommended by book reviewers. These are the 3 books that I enjoy reading:

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1. After You by Jojo Moyes

This is a romance novel and a sequel to Me Before You. I have read Me Before You last year and watched its movie on Netflix. The book was first published on 29 September 2015.

2. Educated (A Memoir by Tara Westover)

A memoir about the author, Tara Westover. This is her story about how she overcame her survivalist Mormon family to go to university and highlights the importance of education in expanding her world.
The book was first published on 18 February 2018.

3. The Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa, Philip Gabriel (Translator)

The book is about memories, gives voice to Nana the cat and his owner, Satoru, as they take to the road on a journey. Sometimes you have to leave behind everything you know to find the place you truly belong…
Published 23 October 2018 by Viking (first published November 2012).

TBR list for the year 2022

So, what’s my reading list or TBR list for the year 2022? If you’re a reader, I’m sure you know the meaning of TBR. For a new reader, TBR stands for To Be Read. March 2022 is nearly coming to the end and I thought to share my TBR list as below:

  • Grace After Henry by Eithne Shortall
  • After the Snow by Susannah Constantine
  • The Last Letter from Your Lover by Jojo Moyes
  • Lyrebird by Cecelia Ahern
  • Cilka’s Journey (The Tattooist of Auschwitz #2) by Heather Morris
  • For One More Day by Mitch Albom
  • The Heiress: The Revelations of Anne de Bourgh by Molly Greeley, Ell Potter (Narrator)
  • Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, Linda Jennings (Abridged by), Roddy Doyle (Introduction)

To be true, all these lists are not in a particular order in which title of the book I will read after completing another. I am also kind of selective about the books to read. Those who know me, I’m a huge fan of reading something like historical fiction, literary fiction (romance/classic), fantasy, fairytale, memoir and travel. You can have a look at all those book images on my other book blog Wisz and Books.

If you love reading but haven’t been able to find the time, now is the time you can start changing your lifestyle. My advice is, don’t read a book you don’t like. Reading a book gives you joy and value, like self-improvement, learning, career enhancement, reading fiction, and so on. Thus, choose your book carefully and find the goal you want to read a particular book. Whether you like to read on your Kindle, Kobo, other reading apps, read online or by picking up book from your bookshelf, it doesn’t matter. What matters is to choose the right book for you and do not waste time on books that do not interest you.

I hope you’d find some inspiration here. Cheers and Happy Reading!

The choice to make good choices is the best choice you can choose. Fail to make that choice and on most choices you will lose.

― Ryan Lilly

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