Celebrate Life’s Beauty with Renata Shawl

Hello there! I am back with another story of my crochet journey which I wanted to share with you here. This is actually not a new crochet pattern of mine, instead this is a crochet shawl pattern designed by Jane Vanselous. It is called Renata Shawl. I really love making this shawl which I enjoyed so much. The pattern looks simple, but not too simple. It’s so gorgeous, especially if you crochet this shawl with a very suitable yarn.

Renata shawl is a rectangle shawl pattern, and it surprised me until I noticed it is a quite long shawl especially for Asian size. By making the shawl extra length like this, you can wear it in different ways; such as a normal scarf around the neck or around your shoulders. This pattern is easy to follow and also a perfect project for beginners. If you want to try this, you may visit to the link I have provided here from Expression Fiber Arts to get your free PDF pattern.

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Design Inspiration

In Italian the meaning of the name RENATA is “Rebirth / Reborn”. That is why I decided to make this shawl for a friend of mine as a token of our long friendship as well as a renewal of our friendship. We first met when life was 16 years old. The most excited things is I gave her this shawl on the Easter season, which is also representing the renewal of life and spirit. I chose Autumn Green and White colors of yarn. Green is a cool color that symbolizes nature, growth, life and health. White is symbolic for cleanliness, purity and freshness.


For this shawl project, I worked with a Soft Silk Yarn that I bought from Shopee Yarnpaper. This yarn is really soft, smooth, comfortable and even looks shining. It is blended with 60% Silk Protein, 30% Wool and 10% Cashmere which are perfect for items like scarf, hat, socks, glove, shawl, etc. It drapes really wonderful and has a nice sheen because of the silk content. Anyhow, you can also use any kind of yarn you prefer to as long as it is suitable for making a comfortable project just like this. If you prefer to purchase the yarn from Expression Fiber Arts, you may do so. They have a lot of yarn choices and beautiful color variety. Besides, you also can try a variety yarn selection from Ice Yarn, also you may choose a lot of yarn from Shopee. All of them have a beautiful, branded and stylish yarn.

Lion Brand Yarns now on WeCrochet. Chunky Wool Blend

Chroma Fingering is color-transitioning 70% super wash wool and 30% nylon blend yarn, the brightest colors with your boldest projects, or choose a subdued shade for gentle waves of changing color. A single ply yarn that has differences in thickness that gives a handspun look to your finished projects.


I used 3.00 mm hook. You also will need tapestry needle to sew your yarn end.


St, sts = Stitch, stitches

Ch = Chain

Dc = Double crochet

Sk = Skip

How to Crochet This Project?

The shawls is worked in rows, which means you turn at the end of every row.

Foundation: Chain 107 sts or multiples of 12 then add 11 more ch. The longer your sts are, the bigger is your project. It’s all up to you. Then again, add 3 more ch to begin your first row.

Row 1:

Dc into the 6th ch from the hook. Dc in each st until you have 2 more sts left. Ch 1, sk 1, dc in the last st of the row. Ch 4, turn.

Row 2:

Sk 1 st, *dc in the 7 sts. Ch 1, sk 1, dc 1, ch 1, sk 1, dc 1, ch 1, sk 1; then repeat the process from* until you have 2 more sts left. Ch 1, sk 1, dc in the last st of the row. Ch 4, turn.

Row 3Row 7: Rep Row 2.

Row 8: Rep Row 1.

From Row 9Row 10, and the rest of the rows, especially on the pattern that I crochet with white color, I suggest you to get the PDF written pattern from Expression Fiber Arts itself. It is a free pattern from their website.

Since this is not my design, hence I would not be able to provide the whole pattern here. Moreover, it is against the copyright law if I have to do so.

To get you more inspired, let me show you the whole shawl and its gorgeous pattern.

I wish you good luck in making this shawl. Above all be patient, be creative and be inspired.

Happy crocheting 🙂

Wisz Limbi

Wisz Limbi

Wisz Limbi

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