Crochet Project In March 2022: Carolina Tote Bag

Crochet is one such relaxing hobby, especially when you do it over the weekend. There are so many wonderful things that you can create, even small projects are awesome creativity like book covers, mini bags, small blankets, dollies and many more. I know some experienced crocheters may have creative ideas to make their design, but if you are a beginner or have no idea what design to create for your next project, I figured out something for you here.

I made this tote bag that I enjoy very much and I can assure you can finish it very quickly. I had started this project in early December 2021 but then I put it aside and become my WIP. I only concentrated on this project starting March 2022. I spent my time over the weekend working on it and trying my best to finish within a month. I had expected to work on it through the whole month of March because I have a grand crochet project that also needed my attention.

Design Inspiration

Inspired by the ocean and the beach, this tote bag is called “Carolina”. Carolina means ‘song of happiness or joy’ in French. If you’ve ever wondered about making any crochet bag, this simple tote bag pattern can be your new favourite. It’s easy stitches and perfect for you to try if you haven’t been crocheting. It’s only made with double crochet, single crochet and chain 1. The bag will be started from the bottom, work rounding to the top.

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Milk Cotton Yarn 5 ply, no. 3 DK/light weight (80% of cotton and 20% of fiber milk). Color: Dark Blue and Khaki

You can also use any kind of yarn you prefer. If you use natural fibres, make sure it is hand washing with good quality so that all your projects would last as long as possible.

Crochet hook size 3.00 mm or size needed to obtain gauge

Darning needle to weave yarn ends

Brave 500 yarn is 100% Premium Acrylic

Mandala Craft Cake Yarn from Lion Brand


In double crochet, 20 stitches and 11 rows = 4 in (10 cm)


  • ch chain
  • sl st slip stitch
  • st stitch
  • sk skip
  • sc single crochet
  • dc double crochet
  • ch-sp chain space
  • rep repeat

Stitch Guide

Ch 3 of the beginning round count as dc.

< > total number of st in one round.


Approximately 15 inches wide x 13.5 inches tall (38 cm x 34 cm). This size excluded bag’s handle.


Ch 48.

Round 1: Dc into the 4th ch from the hook, dc in each until the end. * On the last st, add 3 more dc (making the first curve), continue with dc in the next st (working in round), rep * and sl st on top of ch 3 at the beginning. <98>

Round 2: Ch 3, dc in each st around until you reached the curve (3 dc). * Dc 3 in each of the 3 dc for increasing st, continue with dc in the next st rep * and sl st on top of ch 3 at the beginning. <110>

Round 3 to 6: Increasing stitch each round (I choose a diagram from Pinterest to make the bottom. This is how to increase the sts for shaping both curves. When I followed this pattern for the bottom, it matched the diamond diagram I created below. Just make sure to start FC with 48 ch).

Round 7: Ch 3, dc in each st around without making any increasing st. <160>

Round 8 – 16: Rep Round 7. You will notice your bag start making its shape.

Round 17 to 33: Start with the diamond pattern as shown in the diagram below. The total number of sts is 160. Divided by 16 for each box of diamonds, you will have 10 boxes of diamond patterns. Change the yarn colour according to your preference or you can follow the color arrangement like I did.

Round 34: Ch 1, sc into the first st, sc in each st, 2 sc into the ch-sp, rep around until the end. (Dark Blue)

Round 35: Ch 1, sc in the first st, ch 1, sk 1, sc 1, rep from until the end of round. (Dark Blue)

Round 36: Ch 2, sk sc below, sc 1 into ch-sp below, *sk sc below, sc 1 into ch-sp below, rep from * until end of round. (Khaki)

Round 37 to 41: Alternate round 35 and 36. Change yarn color on every row.

Round 42: Ch 1, sc into the first st, sc in each st, sc 1 on each of ch-sp, rep the process until the end of round. (Dark Blue)

Fasten off.

Weave in ends.

Making the Bag Straps

Set the number of stitch the ends of the bag (like 160 sts/2 = 80). Put a st marker on each side. For my bag, I made 15 sc the width of the straps. Count from the centre of st marker, sl your yarn into the first st, ch 1, 7 sc before the st marker, 1 sc into the st of the st marker, 7 sc after the st marker. * Turn, ch 1, sc in each of 15 st. Rep * until you crochet long enough for your straps.

Repeat the process on the other side of the bag handle. Fasten off.


This is an alternate process. If you want to make it as I did, you can follow the picture below. Turn the bag to the wrong side. Fold both ends of your straps and move them close together. Attach the edges, then seam them together using the yarn tail. You can use any sewing method you prefer, but make sure it is tight enough to fit both ends. Once done, turn your bag to the right side.

I hope you enjoy making this Carolina Tote Bag. 🙂

“Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of time.”

H.P. Lovecraft

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