Crochet Blanket V-Stitch Rainbow Color

Hello everyone, see you again in my another crochet story and pattern to share here! 🙂

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As you can see, this is my long overdue project blanket. Why I say it’s long overdue, is because.. it got started last year in June 2020 and it hasn’t finished yet while I am keeping doing other projects (oh dear.. again and again, ha-ha..). Who else is just the same as me? But never mind that, as long as we can finish it at least.

Okay, let’s get to the point. This blanket is made up of V-Stitch only, and it is arranged with so many colours of yarn. This project was inspired by Anja from Ophelia Talks. You may see her YouTube Channel on how to make crochet the V-Stitch. I love the way she talks and explains things about crochet, tips, yarns and all that. Of course, I could not follow 100% of her instruction there as I didn’t use the type of yarn she used, and that is Stylecraft Special DK. But as she said, just use what you have and substitute with other similar colours and yarns. As for me, I used Milk Cotton Yarn because that’s all I have many. It is also soft yarn and suitable for making any kind of comfortable project. Anyhow, you may purchase yarn other supplies such as Deramores, Shopee, Lazada or Spotlight.

When I first started this crochet blanket last June 2020, I am super excited you know. This V-Stitch pattern is easy to make, a friendly beginner and I am so enjoying making it especially in arranging the yarn colour. Excited. A few months later, I started to slow down with it because I was quite busy with my crochet workshop sometime in October 2020. After the workshop settled, I move to another project crochet. There I go. I abandon it for a while until this year I started thinking about it. Oh my. I decided to finish it and share with you how grateful I am (at last ha-ha). If you want to follow the colour order by Anja, you can go to her website.

If you see Anja’s V-Stitch blanket, she made about four rows of each colour. She started with single crochet (sc) in US terms or double crochet (DC) in UK terms for the foundation. A totalstitches number of foundation stitch, begin is multiple of 3 (you may chain, according to your own choice how big is your blanket you would prefer). For me, I did not ch sc, instead I straight started with V-Stitch on first row and I made 5 rows of each color. If I don’t have enough color, then I made less row.

So, here you go. I presented you the V-Stitch Blanket that I named is as V-Stitch Rainbow. Why did I choose the rainbow to name it? Rainbows are a beautiful spectacle of colours and vibrancy that brighten the sky after the rain. Our life also is something about it. As someone once quote, “A rainbow is a promise of sunshine after rain. Of calm after storms. Of joy after the sadness. Of peace after pain. Of love after loss”.

I hope you enjoy making this project, with so many yarn colors changing. 😉

Happy Crocheting!

Wisz Limbi

“Rainbows reminds us that even after the darkest clouds and the fiercest winds there is still beauty.”

— Katrina Mayer

Wisz Limbi

Wisz Limbi

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