How To Crochet A Solomon’s Knot

Do you love to crochet something that more lace for your next project such as shawl? Learn how to make the stitch that I used to make when I was a kid. It is called Solomon’s Knot.

Lately I’ve been thinking about my childhood memories. Childhood is one of the most important periods in a person’s life because some of the experience we have gone through help shape who we are. Some of the memories have lifelong impacts on each one of us. One of my childhood memories that I will never forget is when I started to learn how to crochet. Like I said on my page About, I started crocheting when I was 11 years old. I remember my very first pattern I made was a “Solomon’s Knot”.

Some people name this crochet pattern with many names such as Love Knot, True Lovers’ Knot or Hail Stone. It does not matter what name we call it, Solomon’s Knot is a great choice for a lacy look. From what I have been reading, it has been used as for making a crochet shawl. Sometimes it is combined with more solid stitches in a variety of projects. For the beginner, this pattern quite simple and easy for a start. To me, it is gorgeous look, especially if you crochet it with bling bling yarn like this one.

For a beginner, I do recommend you choose the three most common yarns which are wool, cotton and acrylic yarn. Choose a smooth yarn rather than an eyelash yarn and other textured novelty yarns. It would be frustrating to work with. ​​ Choose also light yarn color rather than dark color; or else it would be challenging to see your stitches if you choose yarns in dark colors.

Brave 500 yarn is 100% Premium Acrylic

If you love to try this Solomon’s Knot, it’s helpful to look at the below instructions as a whole for you to fully understand what is the stitch about. You will find step-by-step photos by learning how to go from making just one stitch to adding more rows after that.

Here is how to crochet Solomon’s Knot. But first, you need to know the basic of crochet before you go further:

  1. How to make a slip knot
  2. How to crochet a single crochet (US Term)


  • ch chain
  • sk skip
  • st stitch
  • Sc single crochet

If you already know the crochet basic, grab some yarn and your Starting Chain

To begin, ch one. The loop on your hook will become your first Solomon’s Knot.

How to make the loop (Solomon’s Knot)

Pull your first loop up taller than normal (up to a height about 1 inch or a bit more). Yarn over, pull through the loop (right picture).

You will see that your crochet knot stitch has three long threads here. Two towards the back and one is in the front. Insert your hook under the stitch in the front thread, yarn over and pull through, you will have two loops on your hook.

Yarn over again, pull through all two loops to finish with another single crochet. There you are, you have completed a single crochet on your first Solomon’s Knot.

Next, with one loop on your hook, repeat the process of making the loop above and adding Solomon’s Knot on top of one another to create an odd number of loops. Once you have made the total of knots you desire, turn your work to begin a row.

Row 1

Sc into the 4th sc from your hook, between Solomon’s Knot 3 and 4 (counting away from your hook). Make two Solomon’s Knots, one on top of the other (right picture). Sk two loops of Solomon’s Knots below. Sc into next sc.

Rep the process all the way to the end of the row, ending with a sc in the final sc of the row. Turn.

Row 2

Crochet three Solomon’s Knots one on top of the other. Sk 4 knots, Sc into the sc on top of 2 knots on previous row (left picture). Make two Solomon’s Knots, one on top of the other. Sk two knots, Sc into next sc (right picture).

Rep the process all the way to the end of the row, ending with a sc in the final sc of the row.

Row 3 and next rows beyond.

Rep Row 2.

I hope you enjoy making this Solomon’s Knot for your own project. 🙂

Happy Crocheting and love what you do.


Wisz Limbi

“What one loves in childhood stays in their heart forever.”

~Hary Jo Putney~

Wisz Limbi

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