Crochet Blanket Designed by Janie Crow

Hello everyone. Here I want to load the story of crocheting a blanket which I started at the end of the year 2018 and completed at the end of 2019. Of course, you all remember what happened at the end of 2019 at that time. The story begins in Wuhan, China. Sadly it is indescribable because one world has experienced such a situation. Yet I don’t want to share a story about Wuhan but want to convey how much fun it feels to be able to complete a large crochet project, colorful yarns with different types of “stitches” used.

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Why do I create a personal blog while many other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube? One of the reasons is that I love storytelling and sharing what I have learned and experienced through writing. That is, I am interested in writing, highlighting my ideas in the form of reading materials. Some of the patterns I shared were also on YouTube, especially the ways to crochet/knit certain stitches.

Due to my interest in writing, I represented my creative work called Sunshine and Showers Blanket, designed by Janie Crow. This project is linked to 4 seasons in the United Kingdom. This means that the crochet instructions are week to week (once a week) for several rows. It is structured in such a way as to ensure that your other crochet projects are not left behind simply wanting to focus on one project. This crochet project is arranging schedules, just as we study and have a study schedule. Today is another subject, tomorrow is another subject and so on until the task is completed.

Although our country Malaysia does not have 4 seasons like the UK country, we can imagine throughout this crochet project. Why did I say that? The reason is that each row of these blankets has its own very unique characteristics, for example, the elements of the meadow, the types of flowers, the hills, the trees, the sun, the snow, and so on. As we crochet, at the same time we imagine that we are in those 4 seasons. Imagination is creativity and it is important for mental health.

At first, I didn’t even think of wanting to crochet a big project like this. Usually, I prefer to crochet tablecloths, pillows or cabinet covers using lace yarns. Around 2017 and 2018, milk blend cotton yarn (Milk Cotton 5 Ply) from China has become a trend and quite popular at the time. I started looking for information from various web pages, Shopee, Instagram and Facebook. Through various reviews I read, I found that it is much softer than the acrylic yarn we usually use for crochet.

If you are interested in trying different yarns of different brands and fabrics, you can also find different information on the website as long as the yarn chosen is suitable for a comfort project such as this Sunshine & Shower Blanket.

Brave 500 yarn is 100% Premium Acrylic, which is more about life’s adventure and works wonders for projects such as hats, scarves or baby blankets using just one ball. It is gentle enough for sensitive skin and easy-care.

Many well-known yarn suppliers from abroad such as Spotlight, Deramores, Yarn Inspirations, Lovecrafts and so on sell various yarn brands that we always hear about such as Elite Baby, Lorena, Primadonna, Bernat, Caron, Patons, Red Heart, King Cole, Secheepjes, Stylecraft, Rowan, Lion Brand, Paintbox and more. Some of these yarns are made from high-quality acrylic fabric (premium high), softer, moist and anti-piling. There are also mixed with cotton, microfiber, wool, cashmere and silk. The price of yarn is different due to the value of currency transactions of each country being different. But if you still want to knit this pattern using ordinary acrylic yarn such as Nona or Minlon to be used as a tablecloth, I think it is also interesting to produce a different style.

The first time I crochet this project, I was excited, especially seeing the result of a combination of patterns and various colors of yarns. The project has two sets of similar patterns making them all have 4 panels and then attached together. The length and width of this blanket are suitable for single beds only. It did take quite a while to finish it, which is why the period to complete it was almost a year. However, crochet should have a sense of fun and patience. Don’t give up easily or get tired quickly.

May the Sunshine & Shower photo that I share here be inspiring and ideal for you. Relax under the beauty of four weather seasons in the UK 🙂

Happy crocheting.

Wisz Limbi

“May sunshine surround you each new day. And may smiles and love never be far away.”

Catherine Pulsifer

Wisz Limbi

Wisz Limbi

I am a lifestyle blogger, who loves craftwork, cats, books and travel. I hope my blog would inspire readers, give them a creative idea and find happiness in living well. Let's be creative and inspired!

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