Welcome to Calls For Stitch!

Hi, my name is Wisz Limbi the person behind Calls For Stitch! I am a lifestyle blogger, an Iban/Sarawakian from Malaysia and a single mother who loves craftwork, cats, books and travel.

Lifestyle blogging has become my writing choice where I share my experience, thoughts, views, advice and interest. Being a single mother is never enough time to do all that all the time. It isn’t like we walk on the beach instead it takes hard work, patience, energy to manage home, my child and finances all alone. Financing all alone is a tough one, especially when there is a time I run out of money to buy food for my little one. Life was always on our side when I got a new job in my hometown, staying with my parents and at least I could save money on rainy days. And yet, life is also about making mistakes and learning, a mix of the perfect and the failures, giving you the colour and character. I am grateful I have parents who support and understand.

To single mothers out there, yes it is true, we will need to be a hundred things at once. Sometimes things become hard, some days will suck, but you will get through it and will have strengths. Trust me, all your efforts would be worth it. Keep going and don’t give up on your child.

I hope this blog would inspire the readers, give them a creative idea and find happiness in living well.

Let’s be creative and inspired!

Love ~Wisz Limbi

“Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.”

Barbara Kingsolver