7 Steps To Solve Crochet “WIP” Projects

Have you got several crochets projects WIP (work in progress) left abandoned in your house? All halfway to complete with different steps because suddenly something comes up in your mind. You pick up another yarn and hook to start something else. Just remember when was the last time you did some craft projects, for example, a crochet blanket that you should have been finished as a gift for your family or friends.

WIP is one of those harder things. We tend to delay our work over a long period. Even though you are the most well-organized person you also may get tempted. It is because controlling our work activities is a constant challenge. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to stay focused on one creative project because I find myself easily getting distracted by so many things. For example, see some nice and shiny yarn I recently purchased, so I’m thinking of starting another crochet project, trying to design a new pattern and so on. Many other things could influence us into new projects until we get to a certain point, we get bored and put it aside.

I don’t consider myself the most dedicated person to finish all my WIPs. I would try my best to figure out something to overcome them. It’s not about a matter of time, instead, it is actually about our attitude that we need to put attention to.

So here are the 7 steps that I used to follow:

1. Avoid Distractions

It’s hard to avoid distractions while crocheting to get any real work done. Even though when we are trying to focus for a few minutes, but we keep turning our attention to other things like checking Facebook or Instagram status updates, what’s on television, or petting cats and so on. Too many letting yourself check for information on social media for example may keep you from having a concentrated workflow. What I do is I turn off all notifications from smartphones and I will consider myself to check them after I’ve done my project for 1 to 2 hours. (Exception for the close family if they call for any urgent matters). If there’s nothing urgent or important, I just tell them that I need time to do my crochet things and I promise to call back. So try to control your devices. Never let that technology control you.

2. Stay Motivated

Motivation is a hard thing to come by when you have long enough to finish a project or even keep up with daily tasks. What I do is I sit down and envision the purpose behind what am I doing. Sometimes I ask myself what’s the purpose of this unfinished piece in front of me. It can’t be done by itself or else my lovely yarn would be wasted just like that. What a waste of time and money! Once I’m being clear about what I’m working on, I will break down the steps that I need to get it done. In doing that, I’ll have myself stay positive thinking. It is a great thing to help me take control of the way I think, feel and act.

3. Set a Goal

A goal without a plan is just a dream. It seems like an easy one but let’s be realistic about your crochet WIP goal date. Set a time to complete a certain crochet project. This is what we called as a time frame. Like what I do, when I’ve started my granny stripe blanket for a single bed, I want to finish it within 5 months for example. I choose every weekend and set about 2 to 3 hours to crochet that project. It depends on how many rows I could do every 5 minutes so that I can calculate how much time I need. Most of all, it’s also required balance with my chores at home. Make sure we don’t get too attached to things until we forget about other things that need our attention too. For example, cooking for your family or feeding your cat or dog.

4. Organize Your Project

Organizing isn’t my thing. I seem to be messed up with my neat piles sometimes but it’s not that too bad because I do have options on how I store my WIP projects. I’ve bought plastic zipper bags which normally we Sarawakian called as “Kantung Sabat”. Kantung in my Iban language means bag. While Sabat we refer to Punjabi sellers who used to sell clothes to my village. I usually keep my WIP and my yarns in those bags. I stick a note on each of the bags so that it would remind me of the name of the projects and the hook sizes. If I use a transparent plastic bag, I just stick a note inside the bag. There are many sizes and designs of kantung sabat available to keep your WIP from small to big projects. Apart from that, I also made a crochet bag big size to keep my projects and yarns. Sometimes I prefer plastic baskets whether I bought them from a local shop or my mom made a special one for me.

5. Project Planner

Well, if you do have overwhelming projects like me, this is a great way. By the time I come back to my WIP crochet projects, sometimes I forget what hook I was using. So I bought a journal notebook to set up my project planner. It’s easy to keep my crochet notes, reference materials, patterns, hooks, yarn inventory, and so on. If writing isn’t your thing, you can try to download an app from Google Play Store. There are plenty of apps for a craft planner such as Easy Notes – Notepad and Any.do – To-do list & Calendar. I’ve found these two most useful for a craft planner.

6. Rotate The Tasks

I don’t know about you, but rotating WIP is so much fun to me. It is the same as you’re working with a company that has this kind of policy – a job rotation. According to an article written by Erik van Vulpen of Academy Innovation, job rotation is a technique used to increase employee learning and motivation. It is a well-known organizational development technique to reduce boredom. If you are like me easy to get bored working on the same project, you can try this simple rotate system to cheer you up and boost your mood a little more. For example, Monday, Wednesday I will do project A. Tuesday, Thursday project B, Friday, Saturday project C. Sunday I save for other things.

7. Rewards Yourself

Some people say this is a little tricky. I don’t quite agree with that because the reward system helps us to build good habits and reach our goals faster. It doesn’t matter what type of reward, even a small reward also will do. Like me, I love to treat myself buy my favourite coffee, a slice of chocolate cake, going to the movies or going to the salon to wash my hair. Rewarding yourself once you’ve finished certain WIP projects will automatically lead to positive emotions and pleasure in accomplishing the task in the future.

How about you? Do you have some more ideas on how to solve WIP matters? I would like to know. 🙂

“If you put off everything till you’re sure of it, you’ll never get anything done.”

Norman Vincent Peale

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