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  • Crochet Blanket V-Stitch Rainbow Color

    Hello everyone, see you again in my another crochet story and pattern to share here! 🙂 As you can see, this is my long overdue project blanket. Why I say it’s long overdue, because.. it got started last year June 2020 and it hasn’t finished yet while I am keeping doing other projects (oh dear.. […]

  • True Autumn Day Crochet Throw – Free Pattern

    Hi there! Here I am presenting you my first project done in the year 2021. If you see all those yarn colors on every row of my project, you would understand that is the color of autumn. I do not know why I love this season though in some part of the world, autumn has […]

  • Sunset Flower Crochet Cardigan

    Projek saya pada kali ini ialah membuat baju ‘cardigan’ atau baju ala-ala jaket menggunakan benang kapas susu (milk cotton yarn). Boleh cuba cari informasi tentang harga benang ini dalam Shopee. Baju cardigan ini saya namakan Sunset Flower Cardigan memandangkan pilihan warna benang ialah kelabu cerah dan kelabu kehitaman. Kalau dirujuk dalam Shopee, perbezaan warna benang […]

  • Bengkel Mengait Asas Jarum Kait Satu (Crochet)

    Buat pertama kalinya saya telah dipilih pihak Pustaka Negeri Sarawak menjadi tenaga pengajar Bengkel Mengait Asas Jarum Satu (Crochet) khas untuk warga tua di Pusat Perkhidmatan Warga Tua (PPWE) Sibu pada 31.10.2020 (Sabtu) yang lalu. Pihak penganjur ialah Pustaka Negeri Sarawak Sibu. Sebenarnya ada kisah lucu disebalik peristiwa manis ini. Lebih kurang sebulan sebelum bengkel […]

  • Golden Dewdrop Crochet Top: Free Pattern

    September 2020 is just over, which means we have another three months to go to begin with a new year chapter of 2021! In fact, I feel that year 2020 is a weird year. We all knew how people around the globe go through their lives in a new norm. As October is just begun, […]

  • Fall Leaves Tee: Free Pattern

    The Fall Leaves Tee is one of my great crochet projects and fun to make. Lightweight and simple, but still gives you a comfortable feeling by wearing it. If you like you can vary up the color of yarn as you wish. DESIGN INSPIRATION I named this pattern as Fall Leaves Tee as to imagine […]