18 Tips For Traveling

Not all of us are capable travelers or tourists. It’s like we want to learn to drive, then sit a theory test and a physical driving test. Upon graduation, we are given a probationary driving license or a ‘P’ mark for two years before being given a full approval license. Despite having passed, our experience of driving on the road still makes a lot of mistakes.

The same is the case if we want to travel to a place that is very new to us. Whether wanting to travel solo, with friends, with family, or in a group, we need certain tips, some basic knowledge especially related to tickets, hotels, places to eat, shopping, beautiful beaches, local culture, museums, language, and others. For example, we want to travel to Europe countries such as United Kingdom. Sounds easy because the country whose language is quite understandable for most of us Malaysians because at least we have learned English. However, do we know about the local culture there, for example, the way we greet local people, what words should be used? The same is true in our own country, which consists of 3M, which is multi-racial, multilingual, and multicultural. Each place has its uniqueness and culture.

This is a basic process that sometimes there is no right answer unless we do a little bit of reading and research. If we are ready to get out of the comfort box and want to see the world of others, we need a little help to get out of the box. By doing some research and researching some planning it will be easier than we expected.

1. Choose the right bag

The choice of bags for travel depends on the preferences and abilities of each. Some choose to use a trolley, some style backpacking. What is important is not to carry too much weight or in other words, do not have to ask for help from others to lift your bag.

2. Bring enough clothes

To reduce the load and weight, bring clothes that are light and comfortable to wear, especially clothes that easily absorb sweat if traveling in a hot weather country.

3. Learn the basic words

Every place has its own culture and language. If possible, learn a few important words that are commonly used daily such as ‘how are you, ‘thank you, ‘congratulations’, ‘can you help me’, and so on. However, it is not a compulsion, but there is still an advantage here, that is when we show our ‘effort’ to speak in their language, the locals will also feel happy.

4. Neat hair

Tidier, easier to move here and there. It is not enough to poke the eye or appear to arch after being blown away by the wind. Hehe. For those who wear the hijab, I believe you know better how to manage your appearance.

5. Prioritize safety and health

Don’t ignore these two aspects! Whatever we want to do, where to go, and so on, safety and health are the two most IMPORTANT things. Don’t forget wearing mask and follow the SOP. Don’t be afraid to say NO if you feel something doesn’t guarantee your safety.

6. No need to bring too much make-up

Bring what is necessary and important such as lip gloss, lipstick, moisturizer, toner, and sunblock. Store everything in a small container. This container can be purchased at Mr. DIY or any Dermalogica store related to skincare from becoming dry.

7. Walk a lot (if you like to explore one place at a time)

This will make us faster to learn about the culture and way of life of the local community in one place. Besides, walking is good for health. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes. I remember when I went to Kuching, Sarawak in November 2021, I wore the wrong sandal until I got swollen on my right foot. I suppose to wear sports shoes that day because we went to Jong’s Crocodile Farm where we walk a lot.

8. Find good and affordable places to eat

Usually, we will refer to the reviews found in Google Maps. But if we can get to know the locals ourselves, it’s good because they know better where the best places to eat are. Also, try different local dishes at each destination.

9. Don’t be ashamed to ask if you get lost

Try to get more accurate information. If you still do not understand the oral explanation, write it on a piece of paper. That is why in a small bag must provide a pen or a small notebook. If you want the shortest way, just record the voice instruction on your mobile phone haha.

10. Travel with your open mind

Let your mind be free, enjoying and appreciating the beauty of nature, the variety of people around, the design of buildings, historical places, food, and so on. Try to find inspiration from what we see. I believe people who are interested in art get a lot of inspiration and generate ideas to bring back.

11. Respect other people culture

Respect local customs. No matter where we go, domestically or abroad, respect the customs and culture of the local community. For example, if a certain shop requests you to take off your shoes before entering, let’s follow their rules. When talking about something, don’t say things that offend others. Although different religions and languages, keep etiquette and oral communication or body language. Sometimes body language is easier to understand than verbal, for example, facial expressions that show a variety of meanings.

12. Keep it clean

Wherever we go, in our own country or abroad, always keep people’s places clean. Even if the place is not kept clean in terms of garbage disposal, let us not follow their way. Our behavior symbolizes our personality. Be a tourist/traveler who has “class” in this regard.

13. Learn as much local history and culture as possible

That’s the purpose we want to make an exploration of people’s places. Gain knowledge and learn something new that can be beneficial.

14. Get ready with travel insurance

Near or far, travel insurance matter is of importance to us. As much as possible, don’t ignore even just traveling in your own country.

15. Take a picture of the culture and what we have learned as much as possible

Each trip has a different experience. If you want to go there for the second or third time, alone, with friends or with family, believe me, you will have a different experience.

16. Do what you want to do or in other words, go with your instinct.

Sometimes we don’t feel the need to be too tied to early planning. It all depends on the situation in terms of time as well as weather. For example, if that day you want to sit back and relax in a café, by the beach, go to the library, window shopping and so on, go ahead! You deserve to have a good time. Just be yourself in your own space. What is important is not to break the rules and laws of a place or country.

17. Create a personal journal

Maybe not everyone is interested in writing, but having your own journal is better for your use of jotting down something important. Believe me. It will be an interesting post to read and share especially as it relates to your feelings and adventure experiences.

18. Leave a wonderful memory for people and the places you have visited

For example, chatting with the local community while taking a photo, telling a fun story and so on. Never mention political matters, denigrate their place or unpleasant behavior. Remember, we are just visitors. Wherever we travel, take good care of our behavior.

All these travel tips are just my sharing and views only. Hopefully, it allows us to organize especially in terms of saving money, sleeping more soundly, meeting the locals and most importantly being a wise tourist and leaving our state or country identity well in people’s place.

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Enjoy your travel plan

Wisz Limbi

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”

– Ibn Battuta

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